Case Studies

Audi A5

Audi A5


  • The aim of the brief from Mediacom was to drive desirability and promote projected beauty in a digital environment with regards to the new model A5 in the UK.

  • The activity was targeting an affluent, image conscious demographic with high impact, glossy formats.

  • Exclusivity in terms of the environments was important in order to reach the right consumer.

  • The targeted demographic was ABC1 males aged 35-65 with at least an £82,000 household income.



  • Sportsyndicator proposed high impact takeovers on the biggest golf site in the UK, and the world’s largest unofficial tennis site.

  • Golf and tennis are sports whose affluent fan base perfectly suits the Audi target demographic, plus sport as a whole was identified as a passion point for potential buyers of an A5.

  • Associating the brand with this passion via the sites’ world class content is what made these digital properties such an enticing proposition for Audi.



  • As well as simply looking stunning, the creative on this campaign received a CTR of 1.21%, more than four times the industry average.

  • A great example of how a top brand aligned with the right environment can produce great results for the advertiser and the publisher, aesthetically and statistically.



“Sportsyndicator are a key publisher for Audi, enabling us to reach a key male lifestyle audience through their various sporting sites.  They perform consistently well for the Audi brand and subsequently we tend to use them on most model specific campaigns, tasked with reaching and engaging a male focussed audience.”

Colby Adam | Senior Planner/Buyer, Mediacom