Welcome to the new Mediasyndicator blog!

New brand. New website. New blog!

Welcome everyone to the Mediasyndicator blog which we hope will become a key part of our voice online as a company.

If you haven’t come across us before, we are the largest digital buying point for sports and technology media in the UK, plus we have the fastest growing automotive portfolio in the country as well. Our heritage is in sport, but in the last year we have grown and diversified hugely which thankfully means that we have been able to add a whole host of varied brands as partners for our publishers across the leading media agencies in the London and across the UK.

On this blog,  you can expect to see all kinds of things as roughly once a week or so, hopefully more as we get going, and we’ll be commenting on all the latest news in the digital industry as well as what is happening with Mediasyndicator.
This blog will include sharing great new content from our publishers, perhaps even getting one or two to contribute … as well as the odd post on anything that takes our fancy, especially in our key verticals of sport, tech and automotive.

We would particularly like to hear from you … whether you are an online publisher, you work at a media or digital agency or you just want to say hello you can do so here or on Twitter over at @sportsyndicator

Happy reading!


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