About Us

Mediasyndicator | Digital media sales in sport, technology, automotive and more

Mediasyndicator provides advertisers access to passionate, loyal and engaged audiences across best-of-breed digital properties.

Through our experience and understanding of specific clients' sectors, Medisyndicator generates strategic and creative executions on how to reflect the very essence of a brand across the most appropriate digital platform in the most engaging way possible, whether this be through automated technologies or bespoke premium campaigns. This is bolstered by the experience of our sales and ad operations teams, many of whom have a media agency background, giving them key understanding of the needs of both campaign planners and their clients. The team has cumlative experience from the likes of Sky, the Telegraph, CBS Interactive, LBi, Grand Union, Future Publishing, Profero, Hearst, Ad Pepper, Perform Group and Ogilvy.

Our heritage lies in generating focused campaigns for advertisers and publishers through our vertical prowess. Where major competitors in the market have built their businesses on selling reach, we pride ourselves on selling relevancy and focus in the consumer market. This is reflected in our sector-specific approach, out of which we built the number one digital buying point for sport in the UK (Comscore, 2013) Sportsyndicator; the UK's number one digital buying, Techsyndicator; and, the industry's fastest growing automotive division, Autosyndicator.

for Advertisers

We hold unparalleled relationships with the key publishers we work with, meaning that our team deliver bespoke campaigns for our clients and collate better feedback on how online advertising can be improved. Advertisers rely on us to work with our major publishers  and rest assured that they will consistently have access to our expert teams for account management and campaign optimisation.

for Publishers

Our online publishers produce premium quality advertising real estate within their particular sector via all manner of editorial, user generated & video based content, images, social media channels and mobile applications. We generate partnerships with market leading brands at the most competitive rates, as well as a comprehensive range of digital marketing services from brand sponsorship and campaign optimisation to ad serving and post campaign analysis. Mediasyndicator yield the highest available CPM in the marketplace by integrating and managing multiple demand sources; whether through premium campaigns via our long standing relationships with key media agencies, or through network partnerships and automated buying platforms which compete in real-time to ensure the highest value for publishers' inventory.